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Community Engagement for the Liberal Arts?

Faculty lounges are rife with gloomy discussions about the demise of the academy, and more specifically, the liberal arts. Of course, that gloom is well founded given the trends that have been playing out for decades. However, one fruitful option … Continue reading

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I live in a Republican state, but the campus of the University of Tennessee where I teach and the surrounding areas in the city of Knoxville are an island of blue in a sea of red. In the recent election, … Continue reading

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Professor as Person of Faith: Transparency in Teaching

“Do you wear your hair like that for religious reasons?” a student asked me, after she had seen me with my hair styled in low bun for the first several weeks of class. “No,” I replied with a smile, “I … Continue reading

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If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?or: College, Uninspired and Undermined

  By John Raby Last November 15, in The New York Times, Ross Douthat bemoaned what he sees as the moral and intellectual collapse of the American university.1 This is more than a right-wing rant on his part. From the … Continue reading

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Moving from Performance to Authenticity: Reflections on Grading Students in the Real World

Most of my medical student teaching takes place during patient care. The student and I care for the patient together, and the patient is both the mission and the lesson. Students usually speak with and examine patients first, and often … Continue reading

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Tuition Free Higher Education

Politicians across the political spectrum are grappling with the public outcry over skyrocketing tuition increases at American colleges and universities—especially our public institutions. In the current presidential election cycle, the most substantive proposals have come from the Democratic candidates. Hillary … Continue reading

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